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Our experience from managing large-scale telecommunications expansion projects, has been applied to the oil & gas, energy and civil engineering sectors. Alone or with carefully selected partners, we offer consulting services within planning and design, project management, risk assessment, project audit, project supervision, technology audit, procurement management, and more. Norconsult Telematics will lend its expertise to plan, develop and maintain both new and existing solutions.

Our years of experience have allowed us to develop some of the most mature project support platforms which have been honed through their use with our international clients.. These are tools that are used day-in and day-out to manage projects progress, control, project quality and all related processes. We make these available for use on projects as we believe that they are some of the best in the business.

Telecom & ICT solutions are at the heart of nearly every digital transformation taking place today. Our Business Analysts and Network Engineers constantly evaluate solutions to develop infrastructure and services to provide value to our clients. These solutions are helping our clients, often national operators, to increase brand loyalty, manage value chains, and increase product reliability.

There is good reason for you to look to NT to help with your Telecom & ICT planning, architecture, design and deployment capabilities. Since its inception, more than 50 years ago, NT has invested deeply across nearly every element of telecom consultancy services – from technical, operational and management consultancy services to the innovative integration of both on premises and Cloud-based solutions.

In addressing the effective management of project execution, NT’s PMO works with client’s business function to specify, manage and report on assigned projects. For more than four decades, NT has had project management at its core. We have managed numerous large scale national projects, driven the adoption of global project management standards, and accrued a vast amount of client and industry-domain knowledge.

This experience has played a central role in the development of our PMO service as a customizable and value driven solution. Our PMO service often complements client’s Project Management Office to become a more strategic element of their business by focusing on control, organizational change management and stakeholder engagement, facilitating a more responsive client organisation.

The product of years of successful project delivery and management experience, NT’s PMO model is a best practice approach that enables our clients’ organisation to define, transform, measure and deliver a standardized model to achieve successful delivery of the projects.

Our PMO service is designed primarily for industry sectors of Telecom, IT and Defence but is equally applicable to other verticals such as Power and Government Ministries. In summary, the practical benefits of our PMO service are:

  • Actionable and prioritised recommendations, based on identifying root causes in performance gaps
  • Developing roadmap / plan to give clear guidance on how to implement the improvement recommendations
  • Flexible approach to scope, so that emerging areas of priority can be assessed in more detail where required
  • Organisational development recommendations articulated through consultation, collaboration and focus on addressing key themes for improvement
  • Clearly articulated opportunities for improvement, prioritised to achieve the required capability to deliver the project successfully
  • A process development and improvement plan, presenting a clear way to address the missing / incomplete processes that can be adopted for efficiency and productivity

Network Planning and Engineering

Norconsult Telematics Network Planning and Engineering Consultancy Services support the key phases of the Network lifecycle. We deliver value by combining the expertise and experience of our people with purpose-made tools and best practice processes.

Our Approach

Upgrading, modernizing or evolving a mobile network is complex undertaking and entails numerous technical, operational and organizational challenges. We support our clients by bringing the right expertise at the right time to address these challenges, based on decades of experience working with Mobile Network Operators both large and small, and in mature as well as emerging markets.

We have recently managed very large LTE Network Rollouts in some of the world’s densest mobile broadband markets, and have managed major network modernization programs.

Our Network Planning and Engineering Services Include:

Network Planning and Design:

  • Initial business planning and scenario analysis.
  • Multi-Technology Network Planning and Detailed Design.
  • Spectrum Carving/Re-farming.
  • RF planning, design and layer management.
  • Audit and implementation of enhanced planning methodologies and capabilities.

Service Quality Benchmarking:

  • Development of benchmarking methodologies and delivery of Service Quality Benchmarking services.
  • Development and implementation of benchmarking capabilities, reflecting customer experience.

Network Optimization:

  • Performance Audits, Root Cause Analysis, reporting and recommendations.
  • Development of operator capability to evaluate and optimize network performance.
  • Pre- and post-launch optimization services.
  • Specify and implement advanced optimization systems and platforms.

Our Added Value

Norconsult Telematics has gained extensive experience of Mobile and Fixed network operations through decades of close cooperation with some of the world’s most advanced Operator. We uniquely combine Business, Commercial and Operational experience with deep technical expertise and practical know-how.

In addition, Norconsult project services delivery is supported by a suite of in-house Project Management, Process Management and Quality Assurance tools.

These tools enhance our services capability and form an important part of our value proposition by enabling:

  • The consistent application of project management, engineering best practices and know-how.
  • Project visibility, efficiency, control and reporting accuracy.

LTE Network Design and Planning

Norconsult Telematics LTE Network Design and Planning Services address the key phases of the LTE Network Planning process. Norconsult draws on extensive experience of establishing network design processes, delivering designs and managing complex network design programs for global operators, as well as auditing design processes and organizational capabilities. Norconsult Telematics understands the importance of translating business objectives into design requirements, and managing evolution of requirements through the design process.

Integrated service capability for LTE Network Design, Deployment, Acceptance & Operations

Nominal Planning and High Level Design Services Include:

  • Market scenario planning and due diligence.
  • Technology strategy planning, and network evolution planning.
  • Audit of high level designs against business objectives.
  • Audit, evaluation and establishment of network planning capability, implementation and set-up of planning tools.
  • Production of LTE RF Nominal Plans, high level network designs and capacity plans.
  • Engineering analysis of site consolidation and network sharing scenarios.
  • Design of macro, micro, small-cell and IBS.
  • Core and IP/MPLS network planning.
  • Acceptance process setup and KPI definition.

Detailed Network Design Services Include:

  • Definition of site design standards, and preparation of detailed site designs, including passive and active equipment. Antenna specification and site design for high performance and PIM (passive intermodulation) mitigation.
  • Site surveys, site selection and RF site design verification.
  • RF modelling and design optimization using ACP techniques, and measurement-based traffic analysis for design input.
  • Baseline RF parameter template definitions, traffic management and layer management.
  • Backhaul transmission planning.
  • Change management, change control and performance impact assessment.

Deployment Management and Supervision

Large scale expansion of telecommunication networks and deployment of new services constitute complex and challenging projects, from a technical as well as a management perspective. Core to our approach is establishment of the project plan in coordination with client and the Vendor(s) which will baseline the delivery schedule. The plan will take as inputs the contracted scope, deliverables and responsibilities which will be reflected as commitments and targets in Time, Cost and Quality for all Project stakeholders.

In this regard, our Deployment Management team define program elements and Work Breakdown Structure needed to produce the deliverables, determining the order in which the elements must be executed. Estimating the amount of time required to accomplish each one, identifying significant milestones during the performance period of the program, and documenting the outcome.

The interdependencies between the constituent projects and work packages will also be reflected and managed in the master deployment plan. The initial management tasks for the NT team are:

  • Work with the Vendor to verify the Project schedule and baseline.
  • Enable timely, accurate and complete tracking of status using appropriate measure and common processes.
  • Establish interfaces to appropriate levels and responsibilities, defining and agreeing on Responsibility Matrix.
  • Establish a Cost and Resource Loaded Project Plan, which enables Activity based Scheduling.
  • Establish clear roles and responsibilities for all project stakeholders based on the requirements as defined in the RFP.
  • Introduce NT’s customised process driven PM methodology.

Deployment QA

To quality assure network build and installations, site inspections will be carried out throughout the implementation
lifecycle. The purpose of the inspection is to verify and quality check compliance with requirements of the installations and related provisions. The inspection reports will also be used for network asset verification, As-Built, and asset management purposes.

The planning for daily network supervision and inspections will be discussed and agreed with the client and the Vendor(s). To ensure full compliance with quality criteria and contract deliverables, the following will be included as part of the day to day supervision and inspection tasks:

  • Verification of Compliance of contractor works with the approved schedule, technical specifications and contract conditions.
  • Supervision of site works and activities.
  • Submission of weekly and monthly progress reports. And immediate recording and reporting of the Contractor infringements.
  • Review of the Vendor’s issues and recommend solutions or actions.
  • Provision of technical advice as relevant to the conduct of supervision tasks.
  • Review of the Contractor’s work standards.
  • Tracking and monitoring of the site work progress and quality.
  • Coordination of system test dates with the vendor.
  • Network Inventory and related documentations.
  • Planning and coordination of Acceptance testing and related documentations
Project financial control is a key function is any network deployment program. NT’s end to end process is presented to the client and necessary customisation is carried out in agreement with client’s financial organisation. It is often the case that Vendor invoices are complex and error-prone in a large-scale deployment. The number and complexity of invoices from multiple activities – each with their own billing formats, As-Built and BoQs, create financial control and invoice processing challenges. NT project financial control processes have been developed to meet the challenges and provides efficient and consistent processing of project financial data. As invoice control is at the heart of project financial management, our team shall check and validate submitted invoices. Regular sessions with the Vendor(s) are necessary to improve the process with an aim to self-correct errors before the invoice is issued, resulting in payables being processed quickly, efficiently, and at a much lower cost. As part of the project financial reporting, we typically include:

  • Outstanding invoices
  • Overall financial reporting and tracking
  • Invoice non-comformitites detected

NT’s project financial control service provides a control mechanism for the invoices and capex, providing an automated process for verification and cross referencing. NT regularly provides, in collaboration with our project tools, network deployment financial management on large scale deployments. Our project financial management and invoice control processes are tailored to the client’s environment which will provide several tangible benefits including:

  • Increased Efficiencies: Significant time is saved when invoices are processes in conjunction with data from project tools including verified As-Built and Acceptance results
  • Error Reduction: Validation rules configured into our tool’s invoicing solutions flag errors at the time of submission and prompt vendor to correct them.
  • Faster Settlement: Shorten the invoice processing and approval cycle.
  • Improved Visibility: Our clients have real-time access to invoice and payment status from the PMCS interface, providing for quicker handling of reconciliation.
  • Better budget analysis and forecasting: Reduces uncertainties and providing uptodate invoicing data with regards to capitalised assets feeding into Fixed Asset Register.
  • Quicker Dispute Resolution: Faster and more accurate communication with Vendor(s) on disputed invoices at any time, providing supporting/backup documentation as needed, making dispute resolution a collaborative process as well as accelerating resolution.

Norconsult Telematics provides Network Audit and Operations Services covering the entire Network lifecycle encompassing technical, operational, business and organizational aspects. Our Audit Services are applied to Mobile Network Operators, Mission Critical Network Operators and Broadband Network Operators at any stage of their lifecycle.

Often service-impacting quality issues at the network level have easily identifiable technical remedies, but more importantly are symptoms of problems with business priorities, governance, contractual relationships and organization structure that need to be addressed at a much higher level. Failure to identify and address these issues results in repeated failings at the network and operations level, resulting in escalating costs and degrading service quality. Norconsult Telematics’ extensive knowledge and experience working closely with Mobile Network Operators across the Globe, combined with our deep technical knowledge, gives us a rare ability to discover systemic and structural problems in an operator’s organization or across business functions based on both bottom-up and top-down analysis.

Our Approach

There is no ‘1-size-fits-all’ for Audits. Norconsult Telematics’ approach to developing an audit service proposition starts with developing a detailed understanding of the client requirements. We then apply our knowledge across all network domains and business functions to design an audit program that meets the client’s requirements and enables the analysis required to deliver the insights the client needs to take tactical and strategic decisions.

  • Typical audit programs may include one or more of the following areas:
  • Site Installation Quality
  • Network Build Process Management and Governance
  • Power Systems Design, Implementation and Operations Review
  • CapEx Efficiency – Benchmarking of CapEx Utilization
  • OpEx Efficiency – Identify High OpEx and High TCO cost drivers
  • PMO Effectiveness – People, Processes and Tools
  • E2E Service Quality Benchmarking
  • Network Design Strategy and Capability
  • Network Operations Processes and Capabilities
  • Outsourced Network Operations Governance
  • Network Optimization Strategy, Processes and Tools
  • Spectrum Efficiency and re-farming feasibility
  • Network Asset Due Diligence
  • Assessment of Network Investment Requirements
  • Technology Business Case Development
  • Network Consolidation and Network Sharing studies – technical, financial, legal

Although the possible scope of an audit may be very broad, some examples of Norconsult Telematics’ Audit Services are described below:

Power Systems Audit and Optimization

In our experience millions of dollars are wasted from investment in power solutions that are over-engineered, with millions more wasted in energy bills feeding passive and active network equipment with energy unnecessarily.

High power costs are often neglected during the original network specification. Running costs are unaccountable amidst the inaccuracies of databases post acceptance; this means that both CAPEX and OPEX are higher than should be giving overall increased Total Cost of Ownership.

Norconsult Telematics (NT) brings an independent view to Power Solutions design and using custom analysis tools, real power experts and has no vendor bias allowing us to offer a tailored programme of work to:

  • Review Current Site Designs
  • Optimising Power Solution on a Per Site Basis
  • Recommend Cost Saving Strategies
  • Implement Power Solutions Across the Network
  • Reduce Costs and Measure Success

Today, few global business sectors have more opportunities and challenges than the Energy, and Power segment. Power utilities are struggling to meet the demand to satisfy the insatiable appetite for energy.  At Norconsult Telematics, we provide a wide array of advisory services that address the design verification and construction management needs of our energy and utility clients.

Our seasoned Power experts combine deep industry and technical knowledge and experience developed by working with large scale grid expansion projects. Our collaborative culture helps us build and sustain enduring relationships with our clients by offering integrated construction management solutions that can ensure the quality of the design, build and operation of the sub-stations, transmission lines as well as the related distribution network.

Our construction management of national grid expansions (sub-stations, transmission and distribution) involves clearly defined phases including: Pre-Construction, Design, Materials procurement, Construction and Testing. For each phase NT methodology details processes for continuous monitoring of the material supply activities and construction milestones as agreed with client and the construction contractors. The aim is to monitor and report regularly to client’s management the status of construction progress and related milestones. At the outset of the project, our project team customizes the procedures to the client’s working environment. These include processes for design reviews, construction planning, milestone tracking and all associated testing and construction validation hold points.

We provide weekly/monthly construction management progress report containing a narrative description of all activities performed within the reporting week/month, a summary of all construction milestones, expenditure cost analysis and forecast against actual spend, and project status report indicating plan and actual percentage completion.

Our construction management also includes processing and recommending payment of monthly invoices (including material and construction), invoices of work covered by change orders or amendments and invoices for final payment as submitted by the Construction Contractors. Our Cost management staff review and ensure that the work represented by the invoices are completed in accordance with Construction Contracts, and recommend invoice payments to client’s management accordingly.

Our design Review services include review of all Construction Contractors civil, electrical, mechanical, protection and communication design submittals including validation of detailed design calculation, structural design and analysis, review of construction drawings, installation details, etc. Our team ensures that all design details submitted by Construction Contractors Comply with the client’s requirement specified in the contracted scope of work and technical specifications of the Construction Contracts and Client’s engineering standards, material standard specification and construction standards.

We regularly review all proposed materials and Purchase Orders submitted by Construction Contractors, ensuring that the proposed material comply with the client’s requirements specified in the Construction Contract, Client’s Material Standards Specifications and relevant international standards. Based on the contract terms and approved design, NT’s service include validation of the type and quality of material delivered to the Construction Contractors work sites and the type and quantity of the elements that have been installed. Also as part of the overall project document control, our team prepares, communicates and archives design records and associated approvals throughout the contract duration.

NT’s construction supervision and QA includes the following main activities:

  • Maintain Quality Control Procedures for the installation of the contracted elements and monitor all construction activities in line with quality Control Procedures to ensure that workmanship conform to the client’s standards.
    Based on agreed governance, inform Construction Contractors of rejection of any work or the materials not in conformance with the Construction Contract or any of the standards there in. NT Project Manager tracks any work or material that do not conform to the Construction Contracts. NT shall ensure that all construction, power and functional tests are conducted in accordance with the agreed procedures.
  • NT supervision team monitor Construction Contractor’s loss prevention program in conjunction with the client’s Loss Prevention Procedure. Prior to the construction, NT reviews the Contractor’s Construction methods and techniques, and assess for safety and co- ordination. The approved construction method is then monitored for quality and integrity throughout the course of Construction.
  • Similarly and if applicable, NT reviews the outage requirements proposed by the Construction Contractors. Our project team shall process outage request and follow up approval of outage request with client’s management. During the outage, our project team assigned resources shall be present at Work Site until the work is complete.

NT’s Project Control includes multiple disciplines related to Scheduling, Reporting and Cost Control. It is closely linked to our Construction Management activities and includes the following main tasks:

  • QA Function: Maintain Quality Control Processes for the project and monitor all functions are aware and execute the approved processes ensuring that workmanship conform to the client’s standards. Ensure that the processes are continuously evaluated and improved so that the quality and progress of work is in compliance with the requirements specified in the Construction Contracts.
    Construction Schedule: Monitor Construction Contractors’ work schedule. Review Contractors plans related to civil, electrical, mechanical, protection and communication implementations.
  • Material Management: Follow up and determine the adequacy as well as the availability of materials and supply to meet the Construction Contractors’ work Schedule. As part of the Risk management, NT team shall also suggest appropriate corrective actions to the Construction Contractors if the material delivery or the quality requirements of the Construction Contracts are not being met. Monitor the Procurement procedure of material and spares and reflect any changed in the overall plan
    Progress and Status Reporting: Provide accurate and up-to-date project reporting based on templates agreed with all stakeholders. The progress reports include the pertinent data to so that appropriate analysis can be carried out. NT shall work with client’s management and the construction contractor to reflect status, construction issues, risk log and related analysis and recommendation. The reports also identify priority areas and construction task dependencies, progress of work, Material deliveries, and technical issues identified in the course of the construction.
  • Cost Management: This includes preparation and reporting on the project’s running cost and provide regular feedback and verification of the Contractor’s Material Supply Report. NT team shall also review and process payments of monthly invoices (including material and construction) of works covered by change orders or amendments as well as the regular payments as submitted by Construction Contractors. NT’s Cost Management reports includes project’s running expenditures and variance between actual and forecasted budget.

Norconsult Telematics serves the Government sector through three separate but related services.

Strategic Development support Governments and Public Sector in general to answer their question on how to fulfill their vision and mission taking into account political and environmental changes either local or global.

Advisory Services assists in establishing and managing transformation programs and help Government Agencies to deliver their services to the public.

PMO services that can be offered independently or in conjunction with the Strategic Development of Advisory Services to enable Public Sector to oversee their initiatives and ensure successful and on time and budget completion of projects.

NT has for many years provided consultancy services in support of systems such as C41SR and other complex specialist systems related to critical communications. The type of support provided has been customised, based on our own best practice and the exact requirement of the Client. Typically NT have provided support from the initial stages of concept definition, through defining User, System and Test requirements to ultimately supporting final system acceptance.

A key foundation of NT experience is in the domain of Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR), where we have been instrumental in supporting Client needs in the areas of concept design, specification, solution design, implementation, and testing of the systems to several members of the NATO Alliance, to NATO itself, and to several clients in the Middle East.

Our projects in this area include elements of nationwide electronic comms systems, sensor systems, hardened infrastructure facilities, mobile platforms and satellite communication systems. Our in-depth experience from working with secure structures and procedures in both national and multinational environments ensures successful and timely execution of any governmental command, control and communications project.

Our consultants have in-depth expertise in all the fields required for developing national and multinational C4ISR systems, throughout the many engineering phases:

  • Operations (land, air, sea, and joint operations)
  • Development of Concept of Operations
  • Requirements Definition; the formulation of User, System and Design Requirements.
  • Procurement Management (development of Requests for Proposals (RFPs), evaluation of proposals, and contract negotiations)
  • Deployment Management and Supervision (supervision of implementation and testing)
  • Training & Logistics Support (Training Needs Analysis and Logistic Support Analysis)
Norconsult Strategic Development experts support public sector organizations to answer their questions on how to fulfil their vision and mission taking into account the constraints of political and environmental changes, budget reductions and of course the end customer expectations. Norconsult assist to the development of a clear strategy roadmap that will balance the needs and priorities of diverse stakeholders.

Amongst other, Norconsult area of support are:

  • Development of strategies and project portfolios and deciding which strategic focus areas and projects offer the greatest impact,
  • Development of shared view of where organizations are now, assessing the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, external environment, and available opportunities,
  • Assessing the effectiveness of existing governance approaches and structuring organizations to achieve objectives while engaging critical stakeholders,
  • Understanding and applying best practices from other regions to inform localized strategies,
  • Prioritizing and selecting individual initiatives and programs to ensure mission consistency, alignment with central government strategies and financial feasibility,
  • Development of governance structures that standardize procedures and guidelines across public sector organizations to ensure impact, effective management, and productive board governance relationships

Governments are engaging in transformation programs as the economic, social and political environment is evolving. These transformation programs are impacting the interaction and delivery of government services to both business and citizens. Norconsult global experience in advisory services and especially in digital transformation, working closely with the government agencies aim to support these transformation programs and help deliver the services to the public. Our bespoke service offerings include strategy advisory, program management, process reform, and organizational and technology transformation.

Service offerings:

  • Designing bespoke transformation programs incorporating scalability, and sustainability
  • Designing programs to maximize long-term impact through robust performance monitoring plans and strategies
  • Development of processes and procedures to optimize performance and support automation
  • Undertaking scoping studies and developing business cases that will meet project objectives and maximize value for money
  • Establishment of PMO to oversee transformation programs and ensure achievement of performance indicators


In addressing the effective management of project execution, NT’s PMO works with public sector organisations and government agencies to specify, manage and report on program deliverables. For more than four decades, NT has had program and project management at its core. We have managed numerous large scale national projects, driven the adoption of global project management standards in clients’ environments, and accrued a vast amount of industry-domain knowledge. This experience has played a central role in the development of our PMO service as a customizable and value driven solution. Our PMO service often complements client’s Project Management Office to become a more strategic element of their operations by focusing on control, organizational change management and stakeholder engagement, facilitating a more responsive client organisation. Product of years of successful project delivery and management experience, NT’s PMO model is a best practice approach that enables public sector organisations and agencies to define, transform, measure and deliver a standardized model to achieve successful delivery of projects.

Customized Service

Tailoring our PMO Service to align with client’s environment, strategy and objectives.

Promote Collaboration

Establishing a model to promote collaboration and shared ownership across functional teams.


Focusing on delivery, providing transparency to leadership and empowering team members.

In summary, the practical benefits of our PMO service are:

  • Actionable and prioritised recommendations, based on identifying root causes in performance gaps
  • Developing roadmap / plan to give clear guidance on how to implement the improvement recommendations
  • Flexible approach to scope, so that emerging areas of priority can be assessed in more detail where required
  • Organisational development recommendations articulated through consultation, collaboration and focus on addressing key themes for improvement
  • Clearly articulated opportunities for improvement, prioritised to achieve the required capability to deliver the project successfully.
  • A process improvement plan, presenting a clear way to develop the missing / incomplete processes that can be adopted for efficiency and productivity.

PMO Service Delivery

Effective governance of a project is fundamental to successfully delivery and alignment with client strategy. Defining governance arrangements early and comprehensively creates clear roles and responsibilities at all levels and allows for effective and timely decision making throughout the duration of the project. We work with government agencies and public sector organisations to:

  • Engage senior management, and identify interfaces and reporting structure;
  • Ensure project objectives are understood by all stakeholders;
  • Advise and recommend to client senior management project decision making approach including escalation, reviews and signoff requirements;
  • Establish a change control processes and procedures;
  • Propose the most appropriate governance forums and meetings
  • Develop efficient reporting and management information for effective monitoring;

Developing effective project plan

Plans are at the heart of project delivery; they bring together delivery teams which are often comprised of people and organisations that are not used to working together, and provide the detailed milestone map for the project life cycle. NT’s PMO service ensures that the program master plans is a living documents which must be constantly updated and referenced during program delivery; and that plans must be realistic, achievable, understood and bought into by key stakeholders and suppliers.

We establish the plan to cover the delivery of the desired project outcomes. We work with clients to:

  • Develop robust, resource-balanced delivery plans which set out an efficient route to delivering agreed scope and associated outcomes, identify the key milestones, recognize dependencies and illustrate the critical path.
  • Generate multiple views of plans that are appropriate for their use and audience.
  • Once the delivery plan is agreed and accepted, establish the baseline against which the status will be measured and reported.
  • Maintain and manage plans to reflect the project environment, by managing risks, issues, changes to budget and scope.
  • Deliver against a plan by making sure that the appropriate resources, information and direction is provided to the project team, and that reporting and governance allows timely decisions to be made.

Change Control

NT’s PMO Change Control and Management is a process for providing assurance and validation that the changes (proposed or imposed) are in line with the overall program objectives. With appropriate assessment of the impact on scope, cost and timelines, it focuses the effort in delivering the program.

Tailored Change Control

Tailor and implement good practice change control to the specific project needs; avoiding uncontrolled changes or too rigid a governance that is resistant to change.

Change control process

Control, approve and communicate changes and secure compliance with the process; to respond swiftly to dynamic project environment.

Effective Decision Making

Establish an agreed level of governance to allow efficient and effective decision making; Access the impact of changes on time, budget, quality and benefits.

Our team shall ensure that the Change Control Process is designed to:

  • Tailor and implement good practice change control to the specific project needs;
  • Minimise bureaucracy around change control to respond swiftly to the changing requirements, timescale, or priorities
  • Establish a suitable level of governance to allow effective and timely decision making with respect to changes;
  • Assess the impact of changes on time, budget, quality and benefits; and
  • Control, approve and communicate changes and secure / audit compliance with the process

PMO’s initial tasks

Our team will begin by assessing the project‘s current state to identify problem areas, then perform a root cause analysis to propose solutions for rapid recovery and correction. For on-going government projects where there may be major delays and missed milestone, our senior experts will identify alternative project approaches and strategies to help recover the project investments and timelines. The approach includes remedies to resolve issues such as:

  • Fixing and sustaining scope
  • Clearly defining expectations
  • Defining tasks and milestones
  • Ensure that the lack of coordination and focus amongst involved departments are resolved
  • Defining post implementation benefits

The above tasks, in the context of overall project assurance, have a significant role in helping our clients navigate the risks of the project to enable the execution of their strategies successfully. Our team will quickly and effectively identify the risks and areas for improvement in projects under our PMO management. In particular, our project assurance will identify:

  • The interdependencies with other running projects
  • Ensuring business ownership and accountability is clear.
  • Propose governance to support effective benefits realisation

Communication Management

Specifically for government and public sector projects, preparing the project communication plan is vital in identifying internal and external stakeholders and enhances communication among all parties involved in the project. Our PMO develops the communication plan to ensure that an effective communication strategy is built into the project delivery process. The plan is a framework and should be a living, evolving document that can be revised when appropriate. The communication plan is part of the project management plan and essentially addresses the following questions:

  • Who needs what information?
  • When do they need the information?
  • Who delivers the information?
  • How should the information be delivered?

While all projects share the need to communicate project information, the specific information needs and the methods of distribution may vary widely.

Finance and Budget Control

In line with specific government agencies working practices, NT’s PMO service includes establishing the budget and associated policies, processes and reporting standards for effective cost control, project financial management and reporting. Our clients benefit from NT’s experienced Project Control team that has specialist skills in business cases, NPV analysis, and asset capitalisation. As part of the PMO and based on the agreed scope, we often establish project costs and financial management processes, including cost control and reporting as well as project financial policies and procedures with an aim to provide accurate visibility on financial performance. NT’s Cost control as part of the overall PMO, and in conjunction with the client’s finance team, includes establishing, managing and reporting on the project budget. We work with clients to:

  • Establish project costs and run financial management processes, including cost control and reporting.
  • Establish project financial policies and procedures, working in close collaboration with the client’s finance function.
  • Provide visibility on financial performance of the project.
  • Implement effective cost management techniques such as Earned Value (EV) processes and related analysis.
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